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At UK CV Experts we specialise in creating bespoke CVs that highlight the skills and competencies you need to demonstrate for your target role. We achieve this by working with you to understand your current skill level, your career aspirations and by taking the time to review and digest job specifications for your target role. This works as you are part of the process and you are required to really think about your target job and actively hunt for job descriptions for your perfect role. This sends the right signals out to the Universe that you are ready to receive your desired role. Activity breeds results.

Why is a Bespoke CV More Effective Than a Generic CV?

Most candidates produce a generic CV and email it out to twenty employers per day - and hope that one sticks! Well, that's one way to find your dream job but it's not targeting your precious time and effort to deliver the best results. Besides, this method generates a lot of rejections, which is thoroughly depressing! Ultimately, all this flurry of activity is followed by inactivity caused by the despair created by all those rejections.

Depending on whether you are a passive or active job hunter, time may be of the essence. If this is the case and you need to get your cash flowing again - and quickly – then now is the time to edit your CV to actually reflect the different types of roles you are applying for. You will be amazed at the difference a few carefully sprinkled words will make to your chances of being invited for an interview.

Why Should UK CV Experts Create Your Bespoke CV?

Our team of British CV writers have all previously held positions with hiring responsibility. Between us, we have screened and hired hundreds of candidates. This means that we know what senior decision-makers are looking for and we know how to word your CV to reflect the key skills and competencies required for your target job.

Now take a moment to really read your CV. Don't skim-read it because you know what it says. Read every sentence. Does your CV punch above your weight class? Does it explicitly state that you have relevant experience? Or that you take your career progression seriously and that you have invested in your personal development? If not, it's time to call us.

Improve your chances of gaining that interview! Make your next click one that matters. Why not click here to have a professionally written bespoke CV today?

Our CV Candidates have won interviews with the following companies  

Cities we write in

When your CV is upgraded by the UK CV Experts team, you can rest assured that it will be created in the UK by a native English speaker who has at least five years commercial experience in a recruitment role, or managerial function with recruitment responsibility. Our core team writes CVs in the following locations:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Brighton
  • Southampton
  • York


"Great work, completed very quickly. A comment from a senior Oracle Database Developer in Luxembourg who purchased our Cover Letter writing service" A comment from a –Senior Oracle Database Developer, LuxembourgRating :

"Carla is absolutely amazing at what she does. I have so underpaid for the superb customer service I have received. I would totally recommend Carla and I will certainly use her again. If you want something done that hits the spot, use this lady and you will not be disappointed" A comment from a – Personal Performance Coach, GlasgowRating :

"Very impressed with your work for a second time. Fast and efficient with attention to detail. Thanks again for your hard work. A comment from a Facilities Manager in Essex who purchased our CV Writing service after we had updated his LinkedIn profile" A comment from a –Facilities Manager, EssexRating :

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