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Get your LinkedIn Profile Upgraded Today!

A professionally drafted LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being contacted by head-hunters and recruiters. Using UK CV Experts to upgrade your LinkedIn profile will keep your profile focused on specific keywords that head-hunters and recruitment companies search for when trying to fill a job placement. As internet marketers ourselves, we know how important using targeted keywords are to delivering sales.

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service Delivers

A powerful personal profile that explains exactly why you are great and what value you will deliver to any new employer. We achieve this by:

  • Creating your Background Statement which is your main positioning statement.
  • Using your up-to-date CV to create copy for your four most recent roles.
  • Agreeing keywords that you would like to be associated with and sprinkling these throughout your profile so that recruiters can find you when they search for these words.
  • Adding up to 50 Key Skills that you can ask your business network to endorse you for.
  • Based on your career history, we will search through LinkedIn and suggest at least 5 Groups that you could join to help position you as an expert in your sector.
  • Agreeing what calls to action and contact details you are happy to advertise on your business profile to enable recruiters to contact you.

Start investing in your future today! Click on the Buy Now button below to book our LinkedIn profile writing service for just £150:

Why Should You Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile?

It shouldn't be news to you that the majority of senior roles in the UK require you to be a consummate networker and have a range of people to call on when you need to get things done. Therefore it makes sense for you to work your professional network to your advantage and to keep in touch with the people that will help advance your career.

LinkedIn is the most popular online network for business professionals and provides you with a free way to post your career history online and keep in touch with your business network. LinkedIn makes is easy for you to add your full employment history and a summary of your relevant qualifications. You can also email your network of contacts via their platform without incurring any costs.

LinkedIn boasts that they have 8+ million members in the UK, which is fantastic if you are trying to raise your business profile, show the world who you know and demonstrate authority and influence in your chosen field. Equally, if you aren't influential or knowledgeable in your chosen field, LinkedIn's functionality effectively enables you to search for jobs, ask your contacts to make introductions on your behalf, join groups and effectively fake it, until you make it!

At a very minimum, LinkedIn allows you to create an online CV that recruiters and HR managers scour through to find great talent and fill their job vacancies without incurring huge recruitment fees.

Our CV Candidates have won interviews with the following companies  

Cities we write in

When your CV is upgraded by the UK CV Experts team, you can rest assured that it will be created in the UK by a native English speaker who has at least five years commercial experience in a recruitment role, or managerial function with recruitment responsibility. Our core team writes CVs in the following locations:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Brighton
  • Southampton
  • York


"Great work, completed very quickly. A comment from a senior Oracle Database Developer in Luxembourg who purchased our Cover Letter writing service" A comment from a –Senior Oracle Database Developer, LuxembourgRating :

"Carla is absolutely amazing at what she does. I have so underpaid for the superb customer service I have received. I would totally recommend Carla and I will certainly use her again. If you want something done that hits the spot, use this lady and you will not be disappointed" A comment from a – Personal Performance Coach, GlasgowRating :

"Very impressed with your work for a second time. Fast and efficient with attention to detail. Thanks again for your hard work. A comment from a Facilities Manager in Essex who purchased our CV Writing service after we had updated his LinkedIn profile" A comment from a –Facilities Manager, EssexRating :

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