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Maximise Your Chances of Success - Create a Tailored Second CV Today!

Write the Right CV for the Right Job

At UK CV Experts we recommend that you always keep your main CV up to date with your work experience and achievements. We also know from experience that CVs that are tailored to match the job specification for the job you are applying for are more likely to win you an interview.

Why is a Tailored CV More Effective Than Your Generic CV?

Most job seekers produce a generic CV and spam all of the job boards with it and then wonder why they are applying for so many jobs and not being invited for interview. This approach is typical among junior applicants who are just trying their luck, rather than actually thinking carefully about the type of role they want and how this will fill any gaps in their work experience, or broaden their industry experience.

If you are actively seeking a new role and need to replace your old salary quickly, then tailoring your CV to match the job specification for your desired role will be the quickest way of increasing your chances of success. Well, that and applying for jobs which are well within your capabilities.

Here is an example where tailoring your current CV could help you win a new role:

If your current job title is Sales Director, you actually have a set of competencies that will also be required by similar roles that may simply have a different job title but which fundamentally cover the same duties (management, forecasting, prospecting, partnerships and business development). These could include roles such as: Business Development Director, Regional Manager, or Commercial Director. In smaller independent businesses or in a start-up, your Sales Director experience could qualify you to become a Country Manager or UK Managing Director.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as pressing Find & Replace in Word and just changing all Sales Director references to Business Development Director. It does require a little effort to scan the internet for job specs for the other roles and then match your experience to the terminology and competencies required for that role. The goal is to position you with a set of skills that can be transferred into any environment, regardless of job title.

Why Should UK CV Experts Tailor Your Second CV?

Our team of UK-based CV writers have all previously held positions with hiring responsibility. Between us, we have screened and hired hundreds of candidates to fill UK roles. This means that we know what senior decision-makers are looking for and we know how to tailor your CV to reflect the key skills and competencies required for your target role.

Improve your chances of winning that precious interview and tailor your CV to match the roles you are applying for. How many months outgoings are you willing to burn while you keep spamming employers with a generic CV? Click here to create a tailored CV Today!

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Cities we write in

When your CV is upgraded by the UK CV Experts team, you can rest assured that it will be created in the UK by a native English speaker who has at least five years commercial experience in a recruitment role, or managerial function with recruitment responsibility. Our core team writes CVs in the following locations:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Brighton
  • Southampton
  • York


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