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Skype Interview Video Tips

Let UK CV Experts Coach you through Your Skype Interview Video

If you are applying for a job in another part of the UK, or if you are applying from overseas, you will find that an increasing number of employers will offer you a telephone interview, or a Skype interview that includes video. Skype video interviews offer the employer a fast way to start their assessment process, without having to wait for you to travel to the interview, or for them to fund your travel costs.

Obviously, you need a Skype account and video camera on your PC, Mac or tablet to be able to participate in such an interview, and relying on your broadband connection can present you with its own challenges.

Before you start preparing for your video interview, read our Interview Preparation Tips so you are super-sleek when interview day arrives.

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Our Top Tips for Sleek Skype Video Interviews

For those of you who are happy to risk going it alone, here are our Top Tips for your Skype Video Interview:

1. Check your Username

Your friends may think your Skype username is hilarious and it might reflect who you are on a Friday night, but there are times when 'bigboobs72' is not appropriate. It is free to register a Skype account so if your current Skype name is inappropriate, register a new professional name. It makes sense to make your new username your actual name. Once you have registered your name, confirm it in writing to the person who will conduct your interview so they can add you as a contact on Skype.

2. Check your Settings

If you usually stay with the same employer for three years, then this call is worth your current annual salary multiplied by three years. That should be a lot of money. So, now is the time to check your Skype connection, video, microphone and broadband connection. Do not leave your success to Lady Luck because she might not be available the day you need her!

3. Check your Time Zones

In the UK, we live on the Greenwich Mean Time Zone but we also have daylight saving hours where we put the clocks forward an hour in the spring and back and hour in the autumn. If you live abroad, go to Google and make sure you know what the exact time is in the UK before you attempt to make your call. On that note, confirm with the interviewer who will be calling who.

4. Check your Back-drop

Log into Skype and look at yourself on the video. What do you see? Will you host your call in your bedroom? Is the lighting bright enough? Is there a pile of dirty washing and greasy pizza boxes on the floor behind you? Can you hear children screaming in the background? Have you warned your housemates or children not to make a noise at your interview time? Remove any distractions from the room. You want the interviewer to concentrate on your well-structured answers, not to be judging you by your surroundings and trying to work out if that dirty sock is actually trying to crawl away!

5. Check your Interview Outfit

Treat your Skype interview exactly the same as a face-to-face interview. Take the same level of care and attention to detail as you would for a normal interview. Work out which outfit you will wear in advance. Check that your outfit is pressed and in good order. Sit in your outfit and make sure that the interviewer will not get an eyeful of cleavage if you lean forward towards the video camera. I have sat in a client meeting before where a member of staff fidgeted and several buttons on her blouse came open revealing a very nice bra we didn't ask to see! So, please make sure your clothes fit.

6. Check Your Body Language

Finally, keep yourself in check! Just because you may be sitting at home for this interview, do not slouch lazily on your chair and do aim to keep eye contact with the interviewer. Try and retain the usual formality of an interview and stay up-beat. Remember that this is your chance to impress the interviewer so put your best foot forward. Host your interview in your usual charming fashion, and then follow up with a polite email thanking the interviewer for their time. Do not use Skype messenger to communicate with the interviewer. They have been paid to assess you; they are not your friend and you are not entitled to chat or send them instant messages. Be warned.

If you are nervous about your video interview, then it might be time for an interview coaching session, or Skype interview role play. If you would like to go through a Video Interview Role-Play before your interview date, then please email us to arrange a time.

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