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Telesales CVs

What is a Telesales Executive Curriculum Vitae?

A telesales executive's CV should list a chronological summary of the commercial experience of a sales person who is used to selling over the phone. Typically, the CV summary includes details such as: professional education, previous employment, typical telesales volume targets, your contact details, references and sometimes a little personal information about your hobbies and leisure preferences.

Most telesales executives' CVs include an opening statement that helps telesales team leaders quickly understand what experience you have, and databases you already understand and how you will add value to their team.

Telesales jobs may involve making inbound and outbound calls in order to make the sale to end customers and they are typically found in the following types of businesses:

  • Car insurance call centres
  • Home insurance call centres
  • Motor breakdown call centres
  • Mobile phone call centres
  • Mobile phone loyalty call centres
  • Credit card call centres
  • Charity fundraising call centres

On the business to business side, Telesales roles may involve calling businesses directly in order to sell them:

  • Marketing services and PR tools
  • Advertising space
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Business insurances such as Public Indemnity Insurance

Who are the Key Employers of Telesales Teams?

Telesales teams are considered to be entry-level sales roles. They offer you the chance to be trained in door-opening and objection-handling. As you do get a lot of knock-backs, telesales executives don't hang around for long. Most people get in, learn what they need to know, and then move on to bigger and better paid sales roles.

Employers who are likely to operate large Telesales Teams in the UK include:

  • Mobile: Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone
  • Credit cards: Capital One, MBNA
  • Insurance: Aviva, Liverpool Victoria

What Skills would Telesales Managers look for when hiring Telesales Executives?

The good news is that new, inexperienced sales people join telesales call centres every day. However, bear in mind that you are still competing with Indians, Pakistanis and other foreign nationals who have gained experience at home and are migrating to the UK with their knowledge and willingness to work for a fraction of the price UK staff are able to work for. Nonetheless, if you are keen to gain basic sales experience, then a telesales call-centre is a great training ground.

The key skills that are required for a person who is looking for a Telesales executive role are as follows:

  • Ability to learn a new product quickly.
  • Willingness to pick up the phone and cold-call someone who has not given their permission for you to call, nor are they expecting your call.
  • Ability to systematically call the next number on your list regardless of the number of calls who have already told you to leave them alone - and maintain a positive attitude with your next customer.

If you can do those three, then you're in with a good chance of being successful in a telesales role.

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